Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Society

Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Society

Italian “No Gravity Theatre” Performing Divine Comedy: From Hell To Paradise


“Angels and devils clash in spectacular duels. Acrobatic lights, flying actors, souls that fall like leaves in autumn…  It could be the description of a painting by Hescher or Bosch, but it’s EMILIANO PELLISARI’s show.” – La Repubblica

“…Dancer, as if freed from gravitation, float in the air to the rhythm of music ranging from rock to classical. Inspired by Dante’s most famous scenes, mixed between Magritte and Escher in his surrealist universe, Pellisari takes us into a waking dream…” – Anne-Catherine Sutermeister

No gravity(January 3, 2024—Metairie, Louisiana)—Jefferson Performing Arts Society presents No Gravity Theatre’s “Divine Comedy: From Hell to Paradise” onstage for one night only, Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. at Jefferson Performing Arts Center at 6400 Airline Drive in Metairie.

NoGravity is an Italian performing arts company founded and directed by Emiliano Pellisari, supported by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.  NoGravity creates multidisciplinary performances and theatrical shows inspired by the extraordinary mechanics of Renaissance, Theatre of Marvel, and Baroque theatre. Symbols, evocations, and tableaux vivant are created to express the collective imagination.

NoGravity tours the world each year, including presentations in Russia, China, Colombia, Uruguay, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, and Italy. This is their first United States tour.

The show is seventy-five minutes without intermission. The music featured is a mix of classic music, contemporary and electronic music, and techno hardcore. This show is an all-ages show but patrons should be aware that there is an illusion of nudity, although all dancers are covered.

To purchase tickets, visit or call 504-885-2000. For more information about No Gravity Theatre visit their website at