Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Society

Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Society



2nd Annual Chateau Flamenco Festival

November 29, 2023 | 7:30pm




Presenting international renowned flamenco artists performing with continental and our own! “Peña La Pepa “of New Orleans Premiers FANDANGO A LA LUISIANA. Starring award winning icons of flamenco touring the US here in New Orleans. This is a groundbreaking production. The most recognized flamenco artists of our age have collaborated with New Orleans artists to produce/reproduce “flamenco” as originated in the Spanish New Orleans era and evolved.

This original conception that could only be produced and conceived here is the corroboration of the following master artists:

Dr. Michael White – New Orleans Jazz Legend

05 Dr Michael White 600x400 Dr. Michael White is an accomplished, multi-faceted New Orleans-based clarinetist, bandleader, composer, musicologist, jazz historian, and educator widely regarded as one of the leading authorities and culture-bearers of traditional New Orleans jazz music. He has performed in over two dozen foreign countries, played on over 50 recordings, received countless awards, made multiple national television appearances, and been featured in major media publications. Jazz critic Scott Yanow said in a review that White "displays the feel and spirit of the best New Orleans clarinetists".



Mahmoud Chouki – guitarist, multi-instrumentalist

Mahmoud ChoukiBased in the rhythmic heart of New Orleans, internationally recognized Mahmoud Chouki stands out as a masterful guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and innovative composer. His artistry effortlessly bridges the vast expanses of cultural divides, crafting melodies that resonate with tales and tunes from every corner of the globe.

For more information on individual artists see the link below for their biography.


María Bermúdez – dancer and Flamenco Ambassador

MariaMaría Bermúdez is one of the world’s most celebrated and respected flamenco artists in the world. She was officially named the Flamenco Ambassador in 2022 by the city of Jerez de la Frontera for her outstanding contributions to the art form. María has performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including the Hollywood Bowl and The John Anson Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles, The Joyce Theatre and Lincoln Center Outdoors in New York, Festival de Beaucaire in France, the Palacio Das Artes, Brazil, and countless festivals.
Her guest appearances include the Australian Guitar Festival dedicated to Paco de Lucía and with the director of the Orquesta Santa Cecilia, Sonia de León, The Teatro Villamarta in Spain, the legendary “52ª Fiesta de la Bulería” in Jerez,  and most recently, The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles as artistic director and performer of the unprecedented and sold out “Fiesta de la Bulería”.


Diego Amador – pianist, singer, composer

DiegoDiego Amador is a famous flamenco jazz multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. Also known as "El Ray Charles Gitano" (the gypsy Ray Charles) for his free and vigorous spirit when playing the piano. He has collaborated with the biggest stars of flamenco, such as Tomatito, Camarón de la Isla, Remedios Amaya, and Diego El Cigala. He has also collaborated with Jazz artists such as Pat Metheny, Pirelli Lagrene, Charlie Haden, and Chick Corea, among others. Diego Amador was born into a gypsy family with a flamenco musical tradition in Seville. His musical training began at an early age. Started with the guitar and singing, and then self-taught to play the piano applying his knowledge of flamenco while playing it. In his adolescence, Raimundo and Rafael, two of his older brothers, founded the flamenco group “Pata Negra” famous in the '80s for its fusions of flamenco, rock and blues, where Diego played drums. Later, in 1994, he created a quartet called “Patita Negra”. But his solo career would follow a different direction, consolidating himself as a Pianist and Flamenco Singer of his own.


Pelé de Los Reyes – singer, composer

PeleLatin Grammy nominee, Ildefonso De los Reyes, better known as Pelé, is a flamenco-fusion singer, composer, and founder of the group Navajita Plateá. Part of the echelon of “nuevo flamenco” (new flamenco) innovators, Pelé and his group were nominated for best artist and best flamenco composer for their album "Contratiempos“, reaching the Billboard charts with the hit song “Frío Sin Ti” (Cold without you). Received a Triple Platinum Disc with their album "Desde mi Azotea" (From my Rooftop), and best song of the year with their legendary “Noches de Bohemia” (Bohemian Nights) from the Music Awards, Spain (“Premios de la Música, España”.) Consolidating them as one of the best flamenco groups of Spain.

Their fourth album was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2001. His songs were chosen for the soundtrack for the film “Días Contados” (Counted Days) by film director Imanol Uribe. Pelé was also featured in Joaquin Cortes´ film "Gitano“ (Gypsy).

Pelé and his group were nominated for best artist and best flamenco composer for their album "Contratiempos“, reaching the Billboard charts with the hit song “Frío Sin Ti' ' (Cold without you). They received a Triple Platinum Disc with their album "Desde mi Azotea" (From my Rooftop), and best song of the year with their legendary “Noches de Bohemia” (Bohemian Nights) from the Music Awards, Spain (“Premios de la Música, España”.) Their fourth album, Hablando en Plata, was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2001. It’s no surprise they’re widely considered one of the best contemporary flamenco groups in the world.

The group has also toured extensively and collaborated with artists from a variety of genres, including Chuck Berry, The Chieftains, and Maná, and, of course, countless flamenco artists.


Curro Carrasco: singer, composer, producer

CurroFrancisco Carrasco Soto “Curro Carrasco” is a world-renowned flamenco guitarist, composer, and along with Pelé de Los Reyes, founder and member of the flamenco-fusion group “Navajita Plateá”. Born into a renowned flamenco family of artists, singers and guitarists such as Los Sordera, Los Fernández, María Soleá, and Los Carrascos. He is the brother of the cantaor “Juañares” and nephew of Diego Carrasco. Curro has collaborated with the most important flamenco artists of the world, including Diego Carrasco, María Toledo, Sordera, Nani Cortés, and La Fabi. He has also toured extensively throughout the world with Navajita Plateá.


Ana de Los Reyes – singer

AnaBorn into a family of flamenco artists, Ana de Los Reyes is from the birthplace of flamenco, Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia and is the sister of three esteemed flamenco singers, Pelé De Los Reyes, Chiqui de Jerez, and Coral de Los Reyes.

After years of honing her craft, she joined the dance company of Joaquín Cortés, “Arte y Solera” in Japan and then subsequently joined “Sonidos Gitanos,” the dance company of María Bermúdez, captivating audiences around the world.


Diego Alvarez “El Negro” - Master Percussionist

Diego2Diego "El Negro" Alvarez is a Venezuelan-born, Los Angeles-based master cajón player. He is known for his virtuosic technique, passionate playing, and deep understanding of flamenco music. Diego is one of the most talented and respected flamenco percussionists in the world.

Diego was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and began his musical studies at a young age. He studied classical percussion in the movement of youth symphony orchestras, such as "Simón Bolívar." At the same time, he studied Afro-Venezuelan percussion in the workshops of popular culture of the "Fundación Bigott."

In 1996, Alvarez moved to Spain, where he continued his studies of flamenco percussion. He quickly established himself as a leading cajón player, and he began working with some of the biggest names in flamenco, including Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Joaquín Cortés, Suroma, Losadas, Juan Andrés Maya, Rafaela Carrasco, La Tati, Alejandro Granados, Antonio Reyes, Manuel Reyes, Belén Fernández, Alfonso Losa, and Rafael Estévez.

In 2010, Alvarez was awarded a Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Album of the Year for his work on La Vida Boheme's album "Sera", and has more than 12 other Latin Grammy nominations to his credit. He has also released several solo albums, including "Cajón: El Camino" and "Cajón: El Camino II."