Jefferson Performing Arts Society (JPAS) provides arts education programming in local area schools, as well as access to professional theatrical experiences that align to classroom curricula and Louisiana Content Standards.Stage Without A Theatre provides residency-based arts education instruction to low-income schools throughout Louisiana. By integrating the arts with core curricula subjects, Stage Without A Theatre strives to increase academic achievements, nurturing responsible students and active community members.

JPAS Stage Without A Theatre is currently serving the parish of Jefferson at Lincoln Elementary School.Stage Without a Theatre (SWAT) is a collaboration between Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts and the Jefferson Performing Arts Society.  Stage Without A Theatre provides residency-based arts education instruction at Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts.  The mission of the Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts is to assist second through fifth grade students to learn appropriate academic and behavioral skills, enabling them to increase their academic achievement as they become responsible students and active community members.  SWAT serves second and third grade students. The total number of students served is 104.  As of April 20, 95% of our students receive free and reduced lunch and the majority are African American.  Goals include providing an integrated curricula using integrative teaching strategies to improve academic achievement.  Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts believes that providing tandem teaching opportunities that are integrative across curricula across the entire school day will help their students achieve goals of becoming community leaders, effective communicators and self-disciplined, respectful, problem solvers.

Stage Without a Theatre provides Lincoln with art-based instructional strategies that directly align the arts, ie: music and dance, with other core subjects, ie: English language arts, history and geography, to improve student academic achievement while assisting students to overcome potential obstacles of race and socioeconomic status.  Pairing academic subjects with the arts provides students with a sensory-rich environment and hands-on experiential techniques.  Continue Reading about Stage Without A Theatre.

Hands-on experiential techniques give students opportunities to acquire academic skills across subject areas. Additionally, arts education research indicates integrating the arts with core subjects improves both verbal and mathematical scores on standardized tests. The purported benefits of arts education have been documented in hundreds of studies. The measured outcomes generally fall into one of two categories: pro-social development and academic achievement. When the arts are paired with a core subject, such as English language arts, a few indicators of academic achievement include improved reading comprehension and improved language skills. When the arts, specifically visual art, are paired with a core subject, such as mathematics, an indicator of academic achievement includes improved spatial-temporal reasoning.

JPAS Stage Without a Theatre (SWAT) programming is aligned with Core Academic Content used by the school system, with the goal of improving student academic achievement. The arts curricula are developed in tandem with the academic curricula so that it supports and reinforces learning. Integrate the arts with core subjects, such as reading and math, bridges classroom activities. SWAT programs include assessment tools, pre-test/post tests, to measure student mastery. Pre-test/post test assessments also assist with curriculum development. Recent research published by the National Education Association shows students who study the arts score, on average, 40 to 60 points higher on the verbal portion of the SAT and 15 to 40 points higher on the math portion. Additionally, arts-aligned curricula can increase student achievement while helping students overcome potential obstacles of race, gender and socioeconomic status.